SFM ® transfusion set with plastic needle

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  Therapeutic transfusion of preserved blood, blood components, blood substitutions etc. from blood bags into the patient‘s vein.  

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GTIN 4036534099025
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Bag, 50 pieces separetely sterile packed


Ventilated transfusion set

  • Plastic needle with integrated air vent and filter
  • Flexible tubing with a standard length of 150cms
  • With flow regulator
  • Transparent drip chamber with filter for blood and blood components
  • Latexfree injection site to enable additional injections during the transfusion
  • Needle 18G x 1 ½ (1,2mm x 40mm)
  • 20 drops = 1 (± 0,1) ml
  • 200 µm (0,200 mm) filter pore size
  • Non pyrogenic
  • Single use only


Sterility Sterile by ethylene oxide
Material ABS, Polypropylen, PVC, phthalate free, latex free
Hint Please take note of the the TRBA 250 / Prevention of needle stick injuries. It is within the competence and care of the medical specialist to assess the risk during use of sharp medical instruments in case of increased risk of infection or accident risk and in this case to implement the requirements of TRBA.

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